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NCS lays roadmap for transition to G-cloud

Anuradha Shukla | June 18, 2013
Maps out the readiness and implementation design for Singapore government agencies.

Infocommunications technology (ICT) service provider NCS is developing the roadmap to help government agencies migrate their organisations' systems and e-services into the G-cloud.

NCS is one of the systems integrators for the new G-cloud platform, which is the private cloud infrastructure for the Singapore Government, and will complete the transit over the next 18 months.

The government agencies are currently migrating from their existing hosting environment known as the Service-Wide Hosting Environment (SHINE) platform, which provides hosting, storage and shared services.

Once transition is complete, agencies will be able to leverage G-cloud to scale and deploy resources on demand when required. This transition will also improve server utilisation and systems resilience.

"We will work with various government agencies to plan the transition strategy and provide the blueprint for the integration of cloud technologies into their IT and business strategies," said Chia Wee Boon, chief executive office, NCS.

Assessment of implementation risks
NCS recognises the size, scale and complexity in transition activities involved in this project and has thus decided to carefully assess as well as manage the risks associated with the implementation.

The company intends to use continual feedback and stakeholder engagement, for ensuring successful transition of agencies to the G-cloud platform.

NCS notes that the G-cloud self-service portal will enable government agencies to procure and manage resources. In addition it will also enable them to monitor and track resource utilisation for better planning.

Ministry of Education in Singapore is one of the first agencies on board G-Cloud and it expects faster speed and greater scalability for its on-demand computing needs in order to boost a robust administrative and learning environment. 

"A strong focus on the systems' interoperability and users' needs is imperative to a successful G-Cloud implementation," said Lim Teck Soon, IT director, Ministry of Education.   


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