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Motorola takes the Hint and improves its headset -- somewhat

Barbara Krasnoff | Aug. 26, 2015
The Moto Hint Bluetooth headset is comfortable, inconspicuous and nicely designed -- but whether it's worth the price depends on what you're looking for.

Motorola also says that it added new gel ear tips that offer a better seal "locking in the sound." I didn't try the first model of the Hint, so I can't compare the two. But I do have to say that I found this version of the Hint to be one of the most comfortable headsets I've tried so far. Most consumer headsets tend to occasionally work loose when I'm walking around with them; this one lasted for 10 blocks without my having to adjust it once. And the sound I got from listening to a podcast on a busy street was clear and audible without my having to hit top volume.

Speaking of top volume -- improved volume and "more bass for music listeners" are other improvements listed by Motorola. I can attest to the volume; as just mentioned, I found it quite satisfactory. It's possible the bass has been improved as well -- the sound I got when listening to music was reasonable. However, since you're listening with only one ear, no headset is going to be ideal for any type of music enjoyment. For that, you need a pair of earphones or earbuds.

Finally, the listed price has been dropped from $149 to $129. This puts the Hint a bit closer to the realm of reasonably priced, although it is still more than the $100 Jawbone Era, which also comes with a charging case; or the Plantronics Explorer 500, which lists for $60 and includes a looped charging cable.

Bottom line

The Moto Hint is a well-performing, easy-to-use Bluetooth headset which is ideal for Moto X users who want to use their hands as little as possible (and works well with other smartphones as well). The latest version is comfortable to wear, has improved sound and several snazzy-looking styles. Are these factors are a good tradeoff for a price that is still on the high side and a battery that will have to be recharged often? That will depend on what you want from a consumer headset.

At a Glance

Moto Hint


Price: $129

Pros: Comfortable and inconspicuous form factor; interacts well with Moto X (second-gen and later); good volume; turns on/off automatically when placed in/out of ear

Cons: Only 3.3 hours of talk time without recharging; still more expensive than many competitors


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