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Missing pieces: Wasteland 2's release date, how to go hands-on with Civ: Beyond Earth, and more must-know games news

Hayden Dingman | Aug. 25, 2014
It's like I'm standing between two tornadoes--one named Gamescom, the other named PAX. And there's all sorts of crazy news in those tornadoes!

It's real to me, dammit

2K revealed the roster for WWE 2K15 this week and it's a doozy — sixty wrestlers total. The roster is vanilla, for the most part, but upheaval in WWE this year has led to some interesting problems considering 2K finalized the roster around WrestleMania, which occurred in March. For instance, there's an entire storyline dedicated to CM Punk even though he walked out on his contract shortly after Wrestlemania. Alberto Del Rio also was released from his contract, and wrestlers who've come into the spotlight since March (Bo Dallas, Rusev/Lana, Paige) didn't make it onto the roster in time. Ah, the perils of time-sensitive game development.

Humanity's last savior

Somebody put Nicolas Cage's face in Halo. Like, in everything in Halo. He is Cortana. He is Master Chief. He is the Halo ring. He is me. He is you. He is Legend.

More reading

You can hide games from your Steam library! You can play Shadowgate! You can play Metro Redux! You can (someday) play H1Z1!

Yeah, that's it. Slow news week. Enjoy it while it lasts, people — next week I descend on PAX and bathe in the sweat of a thousand hot, sweaty dudes. I do it so you can be informed. Remember that.


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