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Microsoft risks IT ire with Windows 10 update push

Ryan Faas | Nov. 9, 2015
Its OS-as-a-service could create headaches for shops used to a slower upgrade pace.

It's also worth noting that IT departments do have some time to develop that strategy. Although Microsoft is clearly ushering anyone and everyone it can onto Windows 10, there's little need for enterprises to make the switch from Windows 7 immediately -- particularly for those that only recently made the jump from XP to 7. Delaying a transition or focusing only on a proof-of-concept or pilot project allows IT departments to get a handle on everything related to Windows 10 before rolling it out, including how to handle updates.

Ignoring Windows 10 isn't an option

Although it's possible to delay a Windows 10 transition, perhaps even for years, enterprises are eventually going have to bite the bullet.

Putting off the move is perfectly logical, particularly until the core capabilities to manage Windows 10 and its update process are established. That doesn't mean, however, that this is a time to be complacent and ignore it completely. Sooner or later, virtually every organization will need to reckon with Windows 10 (or perhaps migrate to non-Windows platforms, which would pose an entirely different set of challenges).

Preparing for that reality, even while pushing back against Microsoft's current plans, is critical to eventually making a smooth transition.


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