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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: An exhilarating blast of dumb

Hayden Dingman | Jan. 23, 2014
Imagine a giant, roughly 200 ft. tall robot shoots a barrage of missiles at you. Do you:

Heck, one of Raiden's optional (unlockable) moves is a dodging slash that's essential to multiple encounters, but the game doesn't even tell you to buy it. 

The user experience nightmare is an utter shame considering how fun the core experience is. Did I mention this game is fun?

As for the quality of the PC port? It's...serviceable. Even decent. Revengeance features native gamepad support, thankfully, as I can't imagine playing this game with a mouse and keyboard. It's a bit light on graphics options, but everything looks a fair amount sharper than last year's console versions and I didn't have any problems with the framerate dipping.

Bottom line
Revengeance is exhilarating. It starts strong, it meanders through its silly plot strong, and it finishes — I dare say — even stronger. If you're the kind of person (like me) who leans into and even accepts dumb into your life, you won't go wrong with Revengeance. It's not a perfect game — far from it — but for a bit of weekend relaxation?

Well, let's just say you haven't lived until you've played an entire Metal Gear game as Raiden in a mariachi outfit. Just be ready to dive into control menus, forums, and YouTube videos to discover the full potential of its depth for yourself.


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