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Memo to IT: You do know that a mobile phone is still a phone, right?

Evan Schuman | Aug. 10, 2017
While other retailers hide their phone number, Zappos encourages its shoppers to call. There are good reasons to remember that a mobile device is still primarily a phone.

But when the system glitches, little other than a phone call helps. "I know I am now supposed to click the right button, but all the buttons are grayed out. How do I get around that?"

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh was quoted describing the difference in approach between Zappos and its parent company, Amazon: "I don't think the difference [between the appeal of Zappos and the Amazon brand] is in the UI [the website user interface]. It's in how we build a personal connection, primarily on the phone. We're actually experimenting with ways to get more people to call because it's such a valuable marketing and brand builder for us."

Absolutely. Done properly, the massively neglected phone call is the most effective problem-solver and deal-closer available. And with mobile, that call can happen anywhere, including when a shopper is in a store aisle and is frustrated trying to give you money. You really want to take that call, don't you?

Mobile-it's not just for texting anymore.


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