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Meet the Origin PC Omni, the world's most powerful curved all-in-one PC

Gordon Mah Ung | Jan. 6, 2016
With room for a Titan X and 8-core CPU inside, the Omni is truly made for gaming.

Origin PC's new all-in-one is without a doubt the most powerful curved gaming all-in-one in the world. We also give it bonus points for making us wonder how the hell all that hardware fits into something so thin.

In a world where a typical "gaming" all-in-one tops out with a GeForce GTX 960, the new Omni raises the bar with a GeForce Titan X and liquid-cooled, 8-core Core i7-59660X packed into its 34-inch curved display.

Sure, the Omni is a little thicker than the other curved all-in-ones hitting the scene but not so thick that you'd expect this caliber of load-out.

omni right 
It's not the thinnest all-in-one, but it's hard to believe Origin jammed a Titan X and liquid-cooled 8-core CPU inside. Credit: Origin PC

Indeed, if seeing is believing, Origin says it will offer an optional transparent back, so there's no question about the hardware residing inside. Ba-dam!

Price-conscious gamers will cry foul at the use of a spendy Titan X, but like the 8-core Haswell-E chip, it's optional. Origin said it will offer both Haswell-E and Skylake CPUs in the Omni, and clearly any card up to a Titan X will fit, including the economical GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

omni back 
The back of Origin's new Omni all-in-one will feature an optional window so you can see the parts inside. Credit: Origin PC

The Omni wasn't Origin's only "small" news from CES. The company also announced a newly redesigned Chronos small form factor rig, and we're anxious to see what magic Origin has brought to bear on the chassis.

Origin is one of the few boutique PC vendors that designs and manufacturers its own cases. The Origin Millennium, for example, is an in-house effort with a host of ground-breaking features, so we have high expectations of the new Chronos.

chronos hero left 
Origin's new Chronos will be the smallest PC yet from the gaming PC company, but still capable of running a Titan Z. Credit: Origin PC

Origin said the new case can house up to an 8-core Core i7-5960X as well as a Titan Z GPU. If you're not familiar with the Titan Z, you're forgiven. When Nvidia released the dual-GPU in 2014 it had limited appeal.

Some said the card was useless while others took the kinder view that it was just misunderstood. The Titan Z shoehorned two Titan Black GPU cores onto one card, required a three-slot backplate to run, and cost an insane $3,000. The obvious question: Why run a Titan Z when you could buy two Titan Blacks for $1,000 each and get the same performance or better for two-thirds the price?


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