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Meet Project Legion, the epic new first-person PC shooter from EVE Online's creators

Hayden Dingman | May 5, 2014
At EVE Fanfest Friday CCP announced a new EVE Online-integrated shooter for the PC, known for now as Project Legion. No, it's not just a port of Dust.

That's a very loaded sentence. You have sandbox. You have first-person. You have experience. And then you have New Eden. That's a very different experience there. Some of it, we'll have challenges or missions for you to do. We'll have game modes as you know them--Skirmish, and that type of stuff. And a piece of it will be a much more open, sandbox experience--the scavenging grounds are the first example of that.

I don't think all of that is mutually exclusive. You see EVE and some other products that offer a really complete experience. It's kind of the, "What am I going to do?" Scan the universe and, hmm, that. That's what I want.

And even further, when we look at planetary conquest today, there's that man on the moon feeling where you say "I'm going to drop in here." And then you drop in and you say "That's a very big drone. I can't take that by myself." You call your friends or you leave or whatever. That's the idea.

When people say, "Are you open-world if you call yourself a sandbox?" I say "Nope, but we're open-universe."

Will the corporation system from EVE come into this game to bolster the economy system?

JCG: We have it in Dust 514. A lot of people sometimes don't know, but we have a whole corporation system. We have a chat system that's linked with the EVE chat system. We have a mail system. That social experience is already at the heart of Dust 514.

And stronger from these learnings, that will absolutely translate to Project Legion.

...And that's it

Unfortunately that was all I had time for, but people have been asking for CCP to create a game similar to Dust 514, but for a PC for years now. It's not that Dust 514 was a bad concept or ultimately a bad shooter. Unpolished? Sure. An egregious amount of microtransactions? Sure. But really, Dust launched on the wrong platform at the wrong time in that platform's lifecycle.

Like EVE: Valkyrie, I'm sure we'll see more of Project Legion soon. As someone who's always wanted to participate in EVE without the "spreadsheets in space" aspect, I'm looking forward to it.


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