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Meet Project Legion, the epic new first-person PC shooter from EVE Online's creators

Hayden Dingman | May 5, 2014
At EVE Fanfest Friday CCP announced a new EVE Online-integrated shooter for the PC, known for now as Project Legion. No, it's not just a port of Dust.

What happens to Dust now that Legion exists?

JCG: Dust is going strong. Dust is going really well. Dust is a product we're really proud of, and that's not about to change. Again, in six months or a year it's difficult to say today, and Legion is very much in a prototype phase, so let's not put the cart before the horse...

So basically by the time Legion comes out, Dust might not be a factor.

JCG: It's tough to say today. Exactly. Right now, what we know is we have a solid shooter on the PS3, and we have this other cool project we're starting. We're proud to show some stuff early and get a lot of feedback, absorb a lot of feedback. That's always how CCP does it: Get out there, show what we've got in a very open way, and get feedback on it. I think it's the right way to do it. It's the right way to make games. And that will help us shape that project anyway.

So right now, what happens to Dust? More shooting people in the face. That's what's going to happen to Dust.

What are you planning for the free-to-play aspects?

JCG: We've learned a lot. I personally come from...I was doing that on products at EA before. I was already quite a bit in the free-to-play business before, which allowed me to understand I think what makes a strong or good free-to-play experience, and not a frustrating one. That's normally the frustration with players, like "Ah, when are you going to stop the movie to ask for money?" That's not the way to go, I really think.

Also, I think EVE has been a free-to-play product for a long time, with the PLEX system. A lot don't realize, but people who play a lot can just buy a subscription.

So I think we're in a very strong position to make a free-to-play product learning from Dust, learning from EVE Online, and with the right DNA in the team to offer that. We've learned how to make it non-frustrating, so I think that answers a lot of the worries from the community.

The game is being made in Unreal?

JCG: Yeah!

You mentioned it's a sandbox-style game. How much structure is there actually going to be?

JCG: There will be structure. There will. If your question is "Are we...Rust?" I guess, no we're not. And we don't want to be either. It's cool. I love that type of product, absolutely a big fan, but the one line I always go back to is "How do we deliver on the promise of a true sandbox, first-person experience in New Eden?"


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