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Meet Project Legion, the epic new first-person PC shooter from EVE Online's creators

Hayden Dingman | May 5, 2014
At EVE Fanfest Friday CCP announced a new EVE Online-integrated shooter for the PC, known for now as Project Legion. No, it's not just a port of Dust.

That's how you make an economy out of a shooter.

CCP has a legacy of eleven years of EVE Online now. They tend to be a company that puts out a game and that's their game for a long time. Do you think it was a mistake launching Dust on a platform that was already on its way out by the time Dust released?

JCG: Well, not when they started. [Laughs]

No, I really don't think so. I really think we learned a lot by getting on PS3. We also formed a really strong collaboration with Sony, which helped a lot along the way. Being able to have people on the PC shoot at people on the PS3--that kind of interaction's really cool. And if there's something CCP does, it's that they take on challenges. They mess with them all the time, and they find a way to solve it. I think it was a real novelty, a real innovation. There was some really cool gameplay that came out of it.

Was it a mistake to launch on PS3? No. If today the idea is "Why are you going to PC now?" I feel that today, from what we have, the experience we're trying to do, PC is the right way to win at first.

Also, remember this is a free-to-play product, and the PC is a big market for free-to-play. That's part of it.

It allows us to go and touch a lot of people with a really strong experience. And then I think the final thing is that PC is part of the DNA of CCP, to your point. It's natural for our products to be on PC and expand. That doesn't remove any other plans out of it, but I very much feel that today it's time for an on-the-ground experience to go PC. Absolutely.

Will Legion be doing the same tie-in stuff with EVE as Dust?

JCG: Absolutely. EVE Link is part of our identity. That should stay.

Is it going to stay as-is? I want to see how the ecosystem we just talked about evolves, and depending on that it will give us the keys to how to do the proper interactions with it. But how I see the two games living together? It's not necessarily needing each other, or making them in each others' way. It's making the experience better together.

"Better together." When I talked to the team, I said "Guys, think of it that way." And perhaps cooperating together gets resources to each, and each has a real reason to be fighting together. But not in a forced way. More in a "Damn, that's awesome. Why wouldn't I do that if I get that out of it?" And both games get close together.


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