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Meet Project Legion, the epic new first-person PC shooter from EVE Online's creators

Hayden Dingman | May 5, 2014
At EVE Fanfest Friday CCP announced a new EVE Online-integrated shooter for the PC, known for now as Project Legion. No, it's not just a port of Dust.

Two out of the three pillars? All new. It's a brand new experience. A different experience.

And all of this is still in the wrapper, which is the EVE universe, New Eden.

How do you bring something like an economy into a shooter? Normally in a shooter you have one thing to do--

JCG: You shoot at people. Yeah, well, and that's really the question because that's the loop of the ecosystem. Basically the way I see the experience is--you'll see some of this in the live demo. Not a lot, or all the stuff I'm talking about here, but some of it. But the idea is that in your merc quarter, which is basically a space facility, you'll be scanning New Eden and you're going to find stuff to do.

It's going to say, "Well, I found"--because we're geeking out a bit with an OS that helps you find stuff, but basically--"I found two PvP contracts for you to take on, good money, et cetera. I found a tournament, which is Guristas. Make some big money but there's some betting involved. Or scavenging grounds. Scavenging grounds are that sandbox experience in Project Legion.

So once you have these choices, you're like "I'm going to go scavenge some stuff because I need some gear." The looting piece of it starts there. You're going to drop on the face of a planet where you're going to see some ambient threats, which will be the drones in the first situation. And then other players--it will be social, all together, not PvP-style but higher sec in that world--you're going to be able to shoot at some drones, get some stuff from the ground. It's the aftermath of a battle, or you're getting some gear for the next battle, or to get some money by putting it on the market. That's where you see that ecosystem, that loop, started.

So how do you get gear? How do you get an economy? That way. Get that gear. Do I sell it? Some people will just do this. They'll find the best places in the universe to get the best gear they can--they'll master that, and they'll master the way you play the markets and make a lot of money. That's one way to play the game.

On the other side, if you have someone playing their pure shooter, they're like "I don't shoot drones, I don't chat with people. I'm here to shoot people in the face, so that's what I'm going to do"--cool. That person can get the gear he needs through the market. It's fed from the sandbox areas, the scavenging grounds, but they both meet on the market. That's why I call it the cement of the system.


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