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Meet Project Legion, the epic new first-person PC shooter from EVE Online's creators

Hayden Dingman | May 5, 2014
At EVE Fanfest Friday CCP announced a new EVE Online-integrated shooter for the PC, known for now as Project Legion. No, it's not just a port of Dust.

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Dust 514 is dead. Long live Dust.

Okay, not really. Dust 514, CCP's "first-person-shooter-tied-into-EVE-Online-through-some-kind-of-magic" still exists and will exist for the foreseeable future. They're not shutting down the servers anytime soon, and in fact every CCP developer I've spoken to at Fanfest has reiterated the company's commitment to Dust 514 players.

But as a PlayStation 3 exclusive there's no doubt its days are numbered--and no doubt that Dust 514 didn't really pan out as well as either CCP or EVE players hoped.

So why not start anew?

We are Legion

Project Legion, unveiled today at Fanfest during the Dust 514 keynote, is essentially a new CCP prototype, along the lines of EVE: Valkyrie at last year's show. In other words, CCP is gauging whether there's interest in Legion, which is a first-person shooter built for the PC.

In other other words, CCP has taken everything it learned making Dust and transferred it to this new project. Yes, new project. This is not simply Dust 514 ported to the PC. It's an entirely new effort by CCP to make a first-person, ground-based shooter based in the EVE universe.

I got a chance to speak with Project Legion executive producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon prior to Legion's official announcement, and he told me a bit of what to expect. Full interview transcript below.

Deep-ish dive with Jean-Charles Gaudechon

What is Project Legion?

Jean-Charles Gaudechon (JCG): Project Legion is a--

I mean, is it Dust on PC?

JCG: No! There's some pieces of it, absolutely. There's a studio that's spent five years building a shooter--you don't throw that away. It's a shooter.

But it's a very different experience. Just to give you a little bit of background, when I joined CCP several months ago it was very much with the idea of carrying the banner forward. Take Dust 514 forward and deliver on the promise of a true sandbox, first-person experience in New Eden. That's the vision of this.

And I felt that, as I sat with the team and we discussed where to take it, that it became quite different. That it became its own thing. And that's where Project: Legion was born, as a part of the team in Shanghai. They've started working for the past few months--it's still fairly early. We're in prototype phase on this.

We're salvaging some of the best of Dust, but it's a brand new experience. The way I see this, that ecosystem of what Project Legion is, it's three pillar.

It's a deep, balanced competitive shooter--that's the core, moment-to-moment gameplay. It's a sandbox experience, with some player versus environment in there mixed into that experience. That's important because that adds looting, and creation of value is getting you looting in these sandbox areas. And the third piece, the cement of that ecosystem, is the player-driven economy--player trading and stuff like that.


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