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M1 3G service partially affected on 15 January 2013, says the telco

Zafar Anjum | Jan. 16, 2013
A network switch outage caused the loss of 3G mobile services to some of their customers in the South-Western parts of Singapore

Singapore telecom company M1 has said its 3G services were partially affected on Tuesday (15 Jan).

During a transmission equipment upgrade by one of their vendors at 3:00am yesterday, a power incident at their network centre set off the gas suppression and water sprinkler systems, which in turn caused an outage to one of our mobile network switches, the telco explained in a statement on Tuesday.

This outage has affected the 3G network entities connected to the switch. As a result, the company said that this has caused the loss of 3G mobile services to some of their customers in the South-Western parts of Singapore, namely West Coast, Jurong and Tuas areas.

The 2G network entities are connected to another switch and as such, were not affected, M1 said in its media statement. In this instance, 3G phones of affected customers will automatically switch to the 2G network.

However, the majority of 4G phones will require customers to turn off the 4G service manually on their devices, and this will prompt the terminals to fall back to the 2G network.

M1 said it had informed its customers through the M1's corporate website, Facebook and hotline.

Meanwhile, the company said that it was trying to restore services and had connected the network entities to a working switch and were conducting final stages of testing.

According to the telco, actual migration of traffic from the affected switch took place progressively.

"Our engineers have been working round the clock and more customers can now access their 3G services," M1 said on its website. "We are continuing work towards full restoration."


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