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Lady Gaga, Intel, others team up to fight online harassment

Rob Enderle | June 6, 2016
Harassment of women in tech is a problem that Intel, Lady Gaga and others are urging top tech execs to fight. Columnist Rob Enderle writes that we have to stop tolerating this behavior in order to stop it.

So given law enforcement is ineffective and people won’t voluntarily moderate their behavior, the goal has to be to move those in power, particularly influences in the technology market, to take action against this bad behavior and focus on kids entering the market who haven’t adapted this bad behavior yet to resist and act against it.

Hack harassment pledge

Perhaps the most important part of this effort is the focus on the younger generation learning to respect all others regardless of sex, race, etc. Though the effort worked with those sponsoring the hackathons it also tapped this demographic by touching thousands of students at Rutgers University, Pennsylvania State University, and one of the more powerful Universities in the California State system the one at Davis.

While the visibility is on the executives signing the pledge it is more likely that the kids signing on to this in mass will form the strongest force to eventually eliminate this disgustingly bad behavior.  

Stop tolerating bad behavior

I think the vast majority of us object to the abuse of women and yet that same majority clearly tolerates it or it wouldn’t exist. There is science behind this which found that individuals wouldn’t act protectively in large groups because they believed someone else would step in. Ironically, this was discovered as a result of analyzing why no one came to the aid of a woman who had been attacked and was screaming for help in a community with large numbers of people in range of her voice.

If we really want to drive change we all need to make the effort to step up when we see anyone being bullied because only by doing this can we possibly make a positive impact on ending this behavior. This is more than just signing the pledge, though that is a start, it is stepping up to the responsibility of being kind of people our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends can be proud of.


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