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Kokoon headphones monitor your brain waves to induce deep sleep

Oscar Raymundo | May 28, 2015
A light sleeper's biggest nightmare is hearing a car alarm going off in the middle of the night. If you have problems going to sleep (and staying asleep), these wireless noise-canceling headphones might offer a new, innovative solution.

They've placed all the EEG sensors on the headband to make the ear cups as low-profile as possible, and they included cool gel cushioning to relieve pressure on the ears and to avoid trapping heat and sweat. 

In addition, the makers are using a portion of their Kickstarter funds to conduct 10,000 additional hours of user-comfort testing. The headphones have also been designed to fold up inside a small rectangular case so that travelers' can store them easily and take them anywhere they go.

Unlocking the possibilities of the sleeping brain

Even though Kokoon's core proposition is using audio techniques to help light sleepers fall and stay asleep, the makers believe that their headphones can also be used to get a better sense of how sleep and sound affects the brain.

As part of their Kickstarter campaign, they are offering a developer package that includes access to Kokoon's API and SDK for anyone interested in creating apps or programs to explore the benefits sleep-hacking meditation, sleep learning, and polyphasic sleeping (sleeping several times a day), as well as for anyone looking to create music that reacts to your brainwaves or that can stimulate lucid dreaming.

"Because it's a connected device, there are a lot of exciting possibilities for triggering other things and waking up in different ways," Antos said. Imagine the coffeemaker turning on as soon as your brain tells you it's time for a hot cup of joe in the morning.


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