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Just Cause 3 review: Blow up the outside world

Hayden Dingman | Dec. 1, 2015
They made another sequel. Why? Just 'cause. Okay, I'm done.

Just Cause 3

I’ve also noticed occasional stuttering, where the game says it’s still registering 100+ frames per second but the action on-screen starts to slow down or jump. Typically this happens when driving or expanding my parachute at high speeds.

We’ll undoubtedly see some optimization over the next few months—in fact, Avalanche pushed out two builds this past week that drastically increased performance—but be warned that Just Cause 3 is a punishing game.

But hey, at least you’re running it on PC. I can’t imagine what the console versions are like.

Bottom line

Just Cause 3 is a monument to excess. It’s Hot Shots. It’s Charlie Chaplin in The Dictator, if Charlie Chaplin had rocket-powered C4 in his boots. It’s that scene in Dr. Strangelove where Slim Pickens rides the nuke into Russia, except...well, no, it’s pretty much exactly that scene on repeat for 25-30 hours.

It’s chaos, borne out of that perennial buzzword “emergent gameplay.” And sometimes it’s boredom. But then you get the glimmer of an idea—“What if I attached this jeep to the back of a tank and used it like a wrecking ball?”—and you’re back. Who cares about the collateral damage?


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