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Internet of everything: pigs, cows and football

Chee-Sing Chan | June 10, 2014
What can be connected will be connected. This seems to be the modern mission with all technologists today.

See the smart ball in action via the below video at the end of this blog.

Beware the hacks

What this is all leading to is the question over what can't be connected to this imminent web of IoT-enabled devices, objects, animals and plants? Clearly humans fall into the category of soon-to-be-tagged "things" on the Internet as the value proposition around healthcare and other similar scenarios is hard to ignore.

But with there must be some concern that maybe not all things need to be connected? Dick Cheney had his pacemaker's wireless capability disabled when it was discovered that it could be hacked via vulnerabilities in its software.

Already the security hawks will all be harping from their perch on the dangers on this multiconnected threat nightmare and in some cases those calls will be valid.

But more connectivity is inevitable, the question is where to draw the line? Does Mr Cheney completely ditch the idea of connected pacemaker relaying valuable real-time data to his doctor? Or maybe he simply waits for it to be properly patched and secured before embarking on this IoT-enabled new era of healthcare?

This debate has just begun but it already feels like very familiar and well-trodden ground.


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