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Insurance firm improves online customer experience with app solution

Veronica C. Silva | Aug. 16, 2012
24x7 software solution can monitor website and app performance to enhance online experience.

A regional online insurance company recently noticed improved services for its customers when it adopted a software solution that can monitor the performance of its website., an online insurance company in Singapore and Hong Kong, said it turned to Compuware to make sure that their customers can access information and services online with little or no downtime. said it has around 50,000 visitors to its website each month, and these customers are obtaining details about insurance plans and requesting for quotes that can eventually lead to a completed online transaction. To make sure their customers get the optimal online experience, needed a solution that can minimise any inconvenience to their customers while they are transacting online.

"As the leading online insurance website in Singapore and Hong Kong, we know that even a few minutes of downtime or degraded performance could have a sizeable impact on our brand equity and profitability," said Simon Birch, CEO, "Compuware has helped differentiate ourselves from our competitors by contributing to a fast, easy and hassle-free online insurance experience for our customers."

Optimised performance

Compuware said opted for Compuware's APM (application performance monitoring) platform Gomez.

On its website, Compuware said Gomez is "used to optimise the performance and availability of your Web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Gomez is the only SaaS (software-as-a-service) APM solution that integrates real-user and synthetic monitoring, providing unparalleled insight into end-user experience." said it needed a solution "that could provide 24x7 visibility into its website performance and availability. The solution also had to be able to provide in-depth details on Web page components and third-party content in order to proactively monitor and identify potential performance issues."

"Compuware Gomez works seamlessly with our in-house application and third-party content developers to provide us with the ability to monitor the website's availability and responsiveness 24x7, in real-time, and from locations all over the world," said Mark Carter, senior manager, eCommerce, "This provided my team with the visibility they needed to proactively ensure that Web pages and transactions perform optimally at all times."

Performance testing

Compuware Gomez also features a Global Performance Testing Network that allows users to test the performance of the applications and the load.'s eCommerce team uses this test feature to optimise the performance of the website during intensive online marketing campaigns or when the website needs to be revamped.

"At Compuware, we understand the importance of the end-user experience to the profitability and success of a business. Compuware APM is designed with the end-user in mind, offering best-in-class solutions that drive innovation and accelerate business value," said Koh Eng Kiong, regional director,  Compuware Asia. "We are honoured that we are able to help industry leaders like provide superior Web experiences as well as enabling them to thrive in the competitive e-commerce market."

Compuware APM is also the solution to optimise the performance of non-Web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications.


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