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India’s Geodesic offers mobile TV app for global audience

Veronica C. Silva | May 12, 2011
Live and archived content can be viewed from any Internet-enable device through a service called Mundu TV.

India's Geodesic has announced a mobile TV service that claims to offer worldwide TV viewing convenience from any Internet-enabled device.

Dubbed as Mundu TV, Geodesic is positioning the service as a "truly global offering" optimised for 2G, 2.5G, 3G and wi-fi networks.

The application can be downloaded from any compatible device. Subscribers can watch TV shows and movies on the go for a rate of US$6 per month, or US$15 per quarter to include streaming to both mobile and PC.

Adeel Najam, senior industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan said Mundu TV is an example of over-the-top TV application and similar to other internet/IP-based TV platforms.


Geodesic said Mundu TV offers a mix of prime time TV and movie content, including "region-specific content, ensuring viewers from across the globe can easily access their preferred news and entertainment channels."

However, currently, only South Asian content are available. "Right now, content is mainly from South Asia and we are in the process of signing on US content, as well as constantly adding more local content from other Asian markets," Geodesic told MIS Asia after a query, though they did not give a specific timeframe.

"To become a major, international or regional player they need to acquire regional and also English content," said Frost & Sullivan's Najam. "Outside of India it would have some traction with Indians working/living overseas."

Indeed, Geodesic said the subscription model is aimed at "expats, who are accustomed to paying a cable operator to access a limited number of channels/entertainment from other countries".

Mobile TV market

Geodesic is confident of growth in the Asia Pacific region due to the prevalence of smartphones in the region.

During Mundu TV's eight-month beta ran, Geodesic noted "strong download and activation numbers in the region", particularly from India and Vietnam.

"Clearly, Asia is primed for a mobile-entertainment explosion," said Arvind Venkateswaran, Geodesic's SVP of worldwide business development.

"What has begun in this burgeoning region will mushroom globally, as consumers increasingly adopt smartphones and tablets, carriers deliver cutting-edge video quality on high-bandwidth networks, and pricing plans become more clear-cut. With these changes, consumers will demand on-the-go access to their favourite entertainment programmes, and that is exactly what Mundu TV is delivering."

Service providers

Geodesic said it is also offering Mundu TV as an opportunity for mobile service providers and broadcast network operators to find other sources of revenues.

"Broadcasters can white label the Mundu TV app as they provide the content and Mundu brings in the technology/platform expertise," Geodesic said in an e-mail correspondence with MIS Asia. "Mundu TV brings in the end-to-end solution and in many cases, the content as well, since we have established relationships with content owners worldwide.  The carrier will offer a daily/weekly/monthly subscription and we take a revenue share - which, in turn, we share with our content partners."


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