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HP reels together a converged present and future

F.Y. Teng | June 25, 2013
One of the world's largest tech vendor appears to have fulfilled its promise made five years ago with a big, broad set of offerings to the market.

On Monday, June 4, 2013, HP, one of the oldest household names in the digital age made good on a promise it uttered half a decade ago. That of the converged infrastructure. And to slam that message home it hosted media from all corners of Asia in a mega announcement of multiple product releases covering every imaginable aspect of any enterprise IT infrastructure, and then threw in some sexy personal computing machines designed for home, work and play.

Jim Merritt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Enterprise Group, Asia Pacific and Japan, started the proceedings of the big day in a ballroom at the Kerry Hotel in Beijing. He began with a look at "the three big infrastructure trends" his company had seen coming for a while now.

"The first one is around converged infrastructure-it's really what's happening in the industry, with customers taking their resources and converging them. Storage, servers and networking-into resource pools, to help them reduce their overall IT costs," said Merritt.

He went on to the second. "The cloud. This is really about customers taking cloud implementations-whether private, public or managed cloud implementations-and trying to achieve faster time to market and time to value."

"And the third infrastructure trend that is up and coming is the software defined data centre," he said. "This is really about customers and their suppliers deciding to use software to automate their data centres, to automate the provisioning of workflows to reduce labor and costs within the infrastructure."

The biggest focus of the day though was HP Converged Infrastructure. For that, a slew of enterprise products have started making their way to the market. "Now if you think back about 4-5 years ago, HP first introduced the term of 'converged infrastructure'. At that time we saw that the challenges of managing data centres were too cost prohibitive. Most customers [even today] spend 70 to 80 percent of their IT budgets on keeping the lights on, in terms of maintenance, maintaining legacy technology," Merritt said.

"The whole convergence trend takes those different siloes of software, storage, servers and networking-converges it and allows customers to use that converged resource pool. This dramatically increases the efficiency of the environment," he added.

And what is enabling such a trend and delivering enterprise value in such high fashion? "Underpinning all this convergence is great HP technology innovation. Whether it's innovation with HP servers, HP storage, HP networking and HP services and consulting," said Merritt, who elaborated on how HP has to date demonstrated 20 years of leadership in the server business with its Moonshot, Odyssey and Voyager technologies, how 80 percent of the Global 100 uses HP storage (especially in recent times with 3PAR and StoreOnce), how HP is in the vanguard of networking from the edge to the data centre core (particularly  with its Virtual Application Networks) and how HP has the largest IT, and arguably the most well-respected support services organisation in the world offering reliable global expertise to customers across the globe.


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