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How to use an Android Wear watch with an iPhone – and why you may want to

Andrew Hayward | June 22, 2016
Granted, you get a lot less functionality with Android Wear watches via an iPhone, but the price difference compared to an Apple Watch could add a lot of upside to the downgrade.

Furthermore, if you absolutely hate the uniform look of the Apple Watch, or conversely are in love with one of the Android Wear options, then you've got options. Apple decided to make one core Watch style that everyone can wear and tweak in small ways, while Google's platform allows for many different kinds of approaches. Personal style is important, perhaps even more so than functionality for some people.

In my eyes, the best argument for using an Android Wear watch is for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money and only needs basic functionality. If you don't plan on using apps or games on your phone and just want a heads-up when you have a new message, email or app alert, then Android Wear may suit your needs.

Back in 2014, I argued that the original Pebble could be a 'gateway smartwatch' for anyone eager to start using a connected wearable before the Apple Watch released. Now, I suppose, my argument isn't completely different with Android Wear on iPhone. If you're not willing to spend at least $429 for an Apple Watch as your first smartwatch, you may be able to get a Wear device for much less and ease yourself into smartwatch usage.

There's a significant difference in functionality between the Apple Watch and an iPhone-paired Android Wear watch and, to the avid Apple user who wants the complete watch experience, Android Wear may seem like a pale imitation. Given the choice, I personally opt to wear the Apple Watch daily, and get the broader functionality provided by Apple's device.

But, on the cheap, an Android Wear watch just may do enough to warrant saving upwards of a few hundred bucks for some iPhone users. At least the choice is yours to make - unlike Android phone users who will probably never wield an Apple Watch.

Source: Macworld AU


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