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How to get Pokemon GO on iPhone in the UK: Download Pokemon GO for iOS now

Lewis Painter | July 11, 2016
Download Pokemon GO for iOS right now and capture Pokemon in the real world

This also means that you can team up with friends and share Lures, making catching Pokemon in groups a little bit easier and more fun. 

Power up Pokemon before evolving them

While evolving Pokemon is a thrilling part of the Pokemon GO experience, you shouldn't rush it. Powering up Pokemon BEFORE an evolution makes them a lot stronger than evolving before powering up, as there's only a certain amount of powering up a Pokemon can do at any stage during its evolution. That means filling up before evolution provides users with a stronger Pokemon when fully evolved, a key part of winning Pokemon battles at enemy gyms. 

Simply tap on the Pokeball, tap Pokemon, select the Pokemon you want to power up and tap the 'Power Up' button.

Keep checking nearby Pokemon

It's probably a good idea to keep an eye on the 'Nearby Pokemon' feature in the bottom-right hand corner of the app, as this shows you all the Pokemon in your area. Don't be disheartened if all you can find are common Pokemon like Spearow or Rattata, as the selection of Pokemon changes throughout the day. For example, Squirtle can be caught in our local park but only at very specific times of day. It's worth checking periodically, especially at different times of day i.e. morning, lunch time, dusk and night.

Turn on Battery Saver mode

Pokemon GO requires the app to be open at all times in order to discover Pokemon, which can be a battery life killer - especially those of us without battery cases. The good news is that Nintendo included a Battery Saving mode built-in, which when enabled will turn off the display (but keep  the game running) when it detects the phone being put in your pocket. It's probably best to keep the sound on though, as you'll need to be alerted when a nearby Pokemon pops up! 

To access the Battery Saver mode, simply tap the Pokeball, then tap the Settings icon in the top right hand corner and toggle the Battery Saver mode on. 

Source: Macworld


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