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How to get Pokemon GO on iPhone in the UK: Download Pokemon GO for iOS now

Lewis Painter | July 11, 2016
Download Pokemon GO for iOS right now and capture Pokemon in the real world

2) Once you've logged out of your existing Apple ID account, open the Settings app and go to General > Language & Region. Once on the menu, simply change the Region to the US, New Zealand or Australia and close the app.

3) Now head back to the App Store and search for Pokemon GO - it should appear, but don't worry if it doesn't. Simply try to download any free app (this is very important) and select 'Create new Apple ID' when prompted to log in.

4) Follow the setup instructions, making sure to select 'None' in the Billing menu (this only appears if you've tried to buy a free app and are creating a new account, not adding details to an existing one) and adding a US/Aus/NZ-based address.

5) Once you've set up your new Apple ID, head back to the App Store, search for Pokemon GO and download it. You're set! You can now log out of your new Apple ID and log in with your normal one. Once Pokemon GO is officially released, simply delete the app from your iPhone and re-download it via your normal Apple ID - don't worry, if you sign up to Pokemon GO your data will be backed up and synced.

How to get Pokemon GO in the UK: Top Pokemon GO tips for starters

The world of Pokemon GO can be tough, but we've been playing for a while now and here are our top tips for those just starting out:

Transfer weaker Pokemon to Professor Oak

There's no point in keeping all those weak Zubats and Rattatas, as they'll just take up uneccesary space and contribute to you hitting your maximum number of Pokemon (which is 250 unless you upgrade using those illusive Gold Coins). Transferring a Pokemon to Professor Oak will permanently remove the Pokemon from your list, and in return you'll recieve a candy specific to that Pokemon, which can be used to both power up and evolve that Pokemon. 

To transfer your Pokemon simply tap the Pokeball, tap 'Pokemon', select the Pokemon you want to transfer (be sure to note the Combat Power, as you'll want to keep the Pokemon with higher CP), scroll to the bottom of the listing and tap 'Transfer'. The Pokemon will be removed from your roster, and you'll gain a Pokemon candy in return. Happy days!

Use Lures at Pokestops for shared Poke-action

PokeStops can be great for stocking up on all your Pokemon GO accessories, from Pokeballs to Pokemon Eggs, Revivers and even Great Balls - but that's not all they're good for. When near a PokeStop, Pokemon trainers can assign a 'Lure Module' to the Pokestop, which when active will attract Pokemon from the local area to that spot. The best part? It's a shared experience, meaning any near-by trainers will be swarmed with Pokemon for a limited time.


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