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How to get Pokemon GO on iPhone in the UK: Download Pokemon GO for iOS now

Lewis Painter | July 11, 2016
Download Pokemon GO for iOS right now and capture Pokemon in the real world

What is Pokemon GO?

So before we go full steam ahead and explain how to get Pokemon GO on iPhone in the UK right now, we'd better explain a little bit about the app itself. Pokemon GO is, essentially, a game that requires players to head out into the physical world to catch Pokemon and, obviously, be the very best like no one ever was. The game uses your smartphone GPS to pinpoint your location, encouraging users to explore more than they usually would. Nintendo are pretty smart too, placing grass Pokemon near parks and open land, water Pokemon near rivers and beaches, etc.

Pokemon GO uses landmarks, shops and more as 'Pokestops' which provide players with random supplies, from much-needed Pokeballs to eggs that need to be incubated. Big landmarks like train stations, police stations and tourist attractions act as Pokemon Gyms, but players must be a certain level before heading into one of the gyms.

When you do eventually spot a Pokemon you want to catch, you can change to Augmented Reality mode which uses your smartphone camera to view the Pokemon standing in front of you, in your physical environment. It's a pretty cool feature, although you do look like you're trying to take photos of strangers when really, you're trying to catch a Zubat.

The game is slowly rolling out around the world right now, and is already available in Australia, the US and New Zealand - but what about those of us in the UK? While the game should be out in the coming days, we've got a workaround that'll let you download and play the game right now. Read on to find out more.

What is Pokemon GO? How to get Pokemon GO on iPhone in the UK

So, if it's not out in the UK yet, how can you get your hands on Pokemon GO in the UK? Although it's not as straight forward as simply searching for the app on the App Store, it won't take more than five minutes to download. How? You simply need to use an Apple ID registered to either Australia, New Zealand or the US. We show you how to do that below:

1) Log out of your current Apple ID on your iPhone. This can be done in one of two ways - simply open the App Store, head to the Featured tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, tap your Apple ID and tap 'Sign out', or head to Settings > Apple ID and sign out there.


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