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How tech companies can succeed by going private

Rob Enderle | Sept. 27, 2013
BlackBerry, BMC and Dell are three of the latest tech companies to go private after a series of stumbles as public companies. To succeed in the latest chapter of their business lives, these firms need to undo the damage done by going public in the first place. It's easier said than done.

Going Private Means Undoing Much of What You Did When Public
For BMC, BlackBerry, and Dell to succeed as private companies, these firms will need to undue much of the changes they went through when first going public and ensure that the decisions that crippled them as public companies aren't reinstated once they go public again.

People must be free to collaborate and innovate, the firms have to focus on results instead of blame, and risk must be promoted more than failure's punished. Oh, and the gains an employee or executive gets from the eventual public offering need to be pushed toward retirement and away from the near term. If this isn't done, then the firms are less likely to succeed as private companies - and are almost certain to stagnate.

My grandfather used to say the smart man isn't the man who doesn't make mistakes but the man who doesn't make the same mistakes twice. In this case, it's so very true.


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