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Honeywell Aerospace delivers real-time weather information to pilots

Zafirah Salim | April 23, 2015
This service provides live weather condition updates from takeoff to landing for more on-time, safer and comfortable flights.

Honeywell Aerospace has recently launched an online weather service that provides pilots with live graphical weather updates during a flight.  

Called the Weather Information Service, this app integrates real-time weather updates with the flight plan, and will issue alerts to pilots who are on potentially hazardous flight paths.

The app gives pilots a comprehensive, up-to-date view of weather along the planned route of flight, which makes it easier to plan for weather-related diversions. According to Honeywell, this new service can save time for pilots, reduce fuel costs for airlines, and increase safety and comfort for passengers.

Honeywell's Weather Information Service uses real-time weather and trend information in the cockpit, and is delivered through a mobile app and tablet.

In a media statement, Honeywell said that the app will be regularly updated to provide the latest features to pilots, adding that an update will be released in late 2015.

"Traditionally, pilots receive weather information at the start of their day and get updates through radio dispatch, which does not provide real-time information. With the new service, pilots can take advantage of an intuitive display of current weather information to best manage their flight path and get passengers to their destination safely and on time," said Michael Edmonds, vice president, Marketing and Product Management, Honeywell Aerospace.


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