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Hitman review impressions: Freedom of choice

Hayden Dingman | March 11, 2016
Paris, je te tue

The system works great, but there are a few cases that are a bit weird. Like, nobody stopped me from going into the attic in Paris, but once I was up there everyone who saw me was immediately suspicious. Or I poisoned a lady’s drink, the guards rushed in to find her dead on the floor and me casually standing nearby, and then they just let me walk right out the door.

Maybe they just didn’t want to confront a man in a dress.

One last item, which I’m mad about on principle: A lot of Hitman is online-only, including some things that seem...dubious. The aforementioned Challenges, for instance. If you’re offline, you can’t see them. Why? I don’t know. I assume it’s either “Stop people from cheating” or “The devs plan to add more Challenges later,” but either way I found myself a bit frustrated when Comcast decided to put its feet up and take a smoke break last night. You can still play the game, you’re just missing most of the bells and whistles. Something to keep in mind if you have an unstable connection.

Bottom line

I was skeptical of Hitman going episodic because it seemed like a last-ditch panic button. And maybe it’ll still turn out that way! We’ve got a long way to go before Agent 47 is finished with his killing spree, and maybe every level post-Paris will turn out to be a disaster.

Let’s hope not, though. IO’s built the bones of a fantastic Hitman game—certainly the best since Blood Money (though that bar is practically nonexistent) and possibly one of the best in the whole series. Skip it for now if you’re just looking to one-and-done each level, but if you were hoping for a sandbox experience? You’ve got one.

Note: We don’t score segments of episodic releases. Look for a “real” scored review...whenever Hitman wraps up. Your guess is as good as mine.


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