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Hello, Larry! Google's Page on negativity, laws, and competitors

TechHive Staff | May 17, 2013
Google CEO Larry Page held court at the end of the Google I/O keynote and even answered questions. Here's a complete transcript.

Greg with DSky9: What are the largest areas of opportunities for developing on Glass outside of what Google is going to do, and what will the production run be for consumers?

I have to ask Sergei that. I don't know what the production numbers will be. We're more focused on, with Glass, Glass is a new category, it's quite different than existing computing devices, so I think it's great that we've started on it, but I think our mail goal is to get happy users using Glass. And so we put a bunch out to developers, I see a lot of people with them in the audience. We want to make sure we're building experiences that really make people happy. So the team has tried to build the minimal set of things, just for practical sake, a minimal set of things that will provide a great experience and make happy users. And then we can get going and work on it for the next 10 years. And every successive one is going to be better, obviously.

So I think part of the answer is, we don't know. I think the basic use cases we have around photography are amazing. I love taking pictures of my kids with Glass, and movies, and so on. And I find that for me, that's enough. I have young kids. For me, that's enough reason to have Glass, just there. I think if you didn't have young kids you might not feel exactly that way. Communications are also pretty amazing, navigation is amazing. Certainly if you're walking, if you're in Manhattan or something, having Glass for navigation is unbelievable. I find it's really, really nice. Some of the core experiences we have are, I think, pretty amazing. Communications, phone calls, SMSes, voice, you saw the things we're doing around voice--it's amazing to always have a device there to do that.

So I think ultimately a lot of your experiences can move to Glass. And we're relying on all of you to figure all of that out. We're trying to get the base thing to make happy users so we can get on with things.

Kaoba Allen: What advice would you give to the rising generation of technologists? What would help technology keep moving at the pace it's been moving at, and how would they do that responsibly?

I think for me, actually, I try to use Google a lot, and I research things really deeply. So you know, before we get something started, I try to actually understand it. And not just really understand it, but understand the crazy people in the area. And Google's great for that. You can find the craziest person in any given area. And normally I think people don't do that.


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