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Hello, Larry! Google's Page on negativity, laws, and competitors

TechHive Staff | May 17, 2013
Google CEO Larry Page held court at the end of the Google I/O keynote and even answered questions. Here's a complete transcript.

Larry Page

[Google CEO Larry Page appeared at the end of Wednesday's Google I/O 2013 keynote, making a long statement and then answering audience questions. Here's our complete transcript, compiled by the nimble fingers of Jason Snell and Amber Bouman. Check back later for deep-dive analysis of what Page said.]

I'm really excited to be here. First I want to start with a story. I was very, very lucky growing up, and I was thinking about this as we were preparing for Google I/O. My dad was really interested in technology. And I was just remembering, he actually drove me and my family all the way across the country to go to a robotics conference, and then we got there, and he thought it was so important that his young son go to the conference--one of the few times I've seen him really argue with someone, to get someone in who was underage--successfully, into the conference, and that was me.

And one of the themes I just wanted to talk to you about is how important it is for developers here in the room and watching to really focus on technology and get more people involved in it. And also thinking about my dad. His degree, he was lucky enough to get a degree in communication sciences. And you might ask, what the heck is communication sciences? Thats what they called computer science when computers were a passing fad. Sounds kind of funny now, right? I bet that there was a time when that was true.

And I think everyone today is excited about technology. You know, we don't have to worry about that so much anymore. And I think Android and things like that are being adopted much faster than anything else in the past. I look at the rate of adoption of those things, on any basis, are much, much faster. And it's incredible. I pull out my smartphone, it's amazing what we have in the smartphones. We have almost every sensor we've ever come up with. You know, I recently got a scale, and it measures air quality, and it uploads it to the Internet. I'm sure those things will end up in your smartphone, right? That's amazing. And your phone can talk to anyone in the world, almost anywhere in the world.

I was talking to my teams about this. You take out your phone, and you hold it out, it's almost as big as the TV or a screen you're looking at. It has the same resolution as well. And so if you're nearsighted, a smartphone and a big display are kind of the same thing now. Which is amazing. Absolutely amazing.


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