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Hartlepool College IT team wins hearts and minds by ditching Oracle VDI for VMware

Tamlin Magee | July 13, 2016
After three years of 'massive struggle', IT started fresh and noticed the difference immediately

"The feedback from the staff has been they can actually get along with their work now," Nicholson explains. "The system's fast and responsive, which it wasn't before. Machines weren't fully booting up before the staff got to their lesson, now they're in straight away and that makes a big difference to staff and students - if you were coming in for an hour-long class, having a machine take 10, 15 minutes to boot up means you lost that part of the class."

"And before, if a lecturer came along and said: 'I need the software for next week', it would mean booking out a classroom for a couple of hours, half a day, to install the application. Now we do it at the backend and deploy it, so that makes a big difference from an education point of view."

As well as freeing up staff to actually conduct the work that they need to, Nicholson says his department now has more time to train all the staff on best practices for IT. "On the staff development day, we did a whole course on remote work with Microsoft 365 and VMware Horizon View, to try and get the staff to get the best out of it from home."

"We hardly have to touch the VDI system, it runs itself," Nicholson says. "Before, my deputy had done nothing but firefighting with the system. That's the difference between a bad installation and a good installation."

"If an IT system is done badly, especially VDI, it will cause you nightmares for a long time. But if you get the right setup, with the right company, helping you with the right equipment on day one, it's so much easier over the long run."

Source: Computerworld UK


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