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Hands-on with Tsum Tsum, Disney's Japanese plush-inspired mobile game

Andrew Hayward | July 2, 2014
Tsum Tsum transforms plush toys based on the likeness of characters like Mickey Mouse into lengthy lumps, making them easily stackable in the process.

Or you can spend real money on rubies to convert to coins, which you can then finally use to buy random packages that may or may not contain the Tsum Tsum you want. Problem is, the prices are pretty rough. Common characters like Pluto and Daisy are found in the 10,000-coin boxes, but if you want access to the premium characters--more contemporary leads like Buzz Lightyear, Stitch, and Perry the Platypus--then those random boxes will cost you 30,000 coins. 

You'd probably need to complete 250-300 games to earn enough coins for that. Otherwise, it's about $6 worth of rubies. Six bucks for a digital avatar based on a plush toy inspired by a cartoon character? It's incredibly difficult to stomach, even though they do have special abilities that can help you during gameplay.

Which is a shame, because I enjoy the matching gameplay and ridiculously charming aesthetic, and the session-limiting freemium timers aren't too severe. However, considering the limited scope of the gameplay and the daunting prices for premium content, it's not likely a game I'll dig much deeper into for the long haul. Still, as a flashy freebie, it's easy to recommend for a bit of enjoyable dabbling.


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