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Hands-on with Homefront: The Revolution's engaging four-player co-op action

Hayden Dingman | Jan. 27, 2016
Press "X" to hide in a mass grave with friends.

The other mission, not so much. Hacking into radio towers, that push-pull of tension/panic was entirely absent. It’s your standard “Go to this place, shoot a bunch of guys, capture the objective” mission. Not quite on the same level.

But regardless of the quality of the missions, we’re left with two main questions.

First is, I think, the obvious “Will anyone play this?” The original Homefront had multiplayer too, and uh...well, it existed. That’s about all I can say. As with many shooters, I can’t help feeling money and time put towards these modes might be better spent on the singleplayer.

Admittedly, I like the “four-person guerrilla team” conceit. At least it makes some semblance of sense, thematically. And with more scenarios on par with the convoy exfiltration, I’d be tempted to dip a toe or two in Homefront’s multiplayer waters.

Homefront: The Revolution co-op

The bigger question is carried over from PAX, though: What kind of game is Homefront?

I still don’t know. I don’t think I’m wrong in assuming that singleplayer is the main draw of this game, and so while I enjoyed my (admittedly brief) time with the multiplayer it’s...sort of inconsequential to me.

My worries about the campaign—that it’s too action-oriented, that it’s more concerned with video game heroics than grittiness—weren’t really swayed by the multiplayer. And why should they be? These are twenty minute scenarios, designed around tightly-focused action. But admittedly, a loading-screen tip that said “Upgrade weapons to increase badassery,” doesn’t really give me great feelings about the tone Deep Silver is aiming for with Homefront: The Revolution.

I don’t know. The game is (finally) mere months away from release, and perhaps all this skepticism will be for naught. I’ve never been less sure about what I was seeing pre-release than I am here. The multiplayer is decent, but without a solid singleplayer base to build on I’m not sure it has legs on its own.

Maybe Deep Silver will do one more press run before launch to show off some quieter singleplayer moments. If they do, I’ll keep you updated. Otherwise, meet me back here for a review sometime later this year—Homefront: The Revolution is slated to launch on May 17.


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