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Greater China CIO Perspectives on Mobility, Cloud Computing and Fixed infrastructure

John Tan | Sept. 27, 2011
What convergence in these technology areas means for Greater China CIOs

More than 800 enterprises take advantage of SingTel's IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offerings. One good example Chang mentioned was the August 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore, where all IT services were cloud-based. "By engaging SingTel's cloud services, instead of spending $110 million for building infrastructure from scratch, only $15 million was incurred, resulting in savings of more than 80 percent, with the added benefit of scalability," Chang revealed.


Enterprise mobility

Karl Ting, General Manager of IT at Crystal Group, wanted to know how his organisation could enable every employee to use their own devices for most computing needs. "I can see that 'bringing your own device' or BYOD will become a must, because of personal demand, but employees can't be forced to use selected models, unless they pay for them," he opined.

Because Crystal's manufacturing bases are mostly located in developing countries, finding cost effective ways for employees to use their own devices to access enterprise apps such as CRM is a challenge.

Chang agreed that enterprise mobility was the biggest challenge for CIOs today because of the proliferation of mobile devices and consumerisation of IT, rapid growth of bandwidth, and allure to enterprise CEOs and CFOs.

He pointed out that CIOs needed to address how to secure enterprise data, control applications deployment and usage, manage the different operating systems and devices, and reduce costs of usage by employees.

He revealed that SingTel was rolling out a slew of Enterprise Managed Mobility Services (EMMS) to help CIOs address these and to enable mobility for their enterprises.

The EMMS would deliver enterprise grade security on the move, using secured and encrypted data transactions and enabling remote locate, lock, wipe and restore for lost or stolen phones.

It would enable control over users and devices, enabling tight real time control over applications and usage, and setting of activity thresholds and alerts.

Businesses could use mybizWorld for one-stop multi-OS AND multi-device management.

Costs could be reduced through better visibility on expenses such as roaming charges, and optimisation. Chang estimated that up to 70% savings could be achieved through roaming discounts from SingTel's many partners in the region.



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