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Gadget makers get pumped up about health and fitness tech

Amber Bouman | Jan. 11, 2013
While fitness technology is hardly a new category of accessories, it is a growing one: The CEA announced that this year's CES has 25 percent more booths related to digital health and fitness technology compared to last year's event.

What's next...

With everything from electric bicycles and treadmill desks to smart forks (seriously) and personal environment monitors, there is plenty happening on the hardware side. The majority of these focus on a hardware device--often paired with an app or Web service--that collects data on physiology and habits. With more and more consumers adopting fit tech and mHealth devices of all types and styles, there's a great deal of data being collected.

The next step in the fit tech revolution is going to be what we do with all that data--a likely step looks to be to link fitness and health data to our doctors or personal trainers. Perhaps insurance companies will get in on the game and offer lower premiums to device owners who link their fit tech data, or maybe weight-loss services like Jenny Craig will partner with companies like FitBit. Companies could start walking challenges for their employees, tracking the results using digital pedometers, as could schools.

In a country where obesity and heart disease are major health epidemics, the marriage of fitness and technology is working to turn the tide and with such a rapidly expanding market, the possibilities are guaranteed to keep us on our toes.


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