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Fuji Xerox introduces scan translation service to boost translation work efficiency

Zafirah Salim | March 3, 2015
The cloud-based service now links with DocuWorks Desk and translates Microsoft Office documents.

Fuji Xerox Singapore unveiled yesterday (March 2) its latest cloud-based machine translation service, called the Scan Translation Service, to help achieve easier translation process and increase work efficiency for businesses.

This new service now links to DocuWorks Desk - the interface for the company's document handling software DocuWorks - as well as providing translation of Microsoft Office documents.

According to a media statement, the DocuWorks Desk will function as an access window to the Scan Translation Service. Users can send through translation requests and view the translated results on their DocuWorks Desk with a simple drag-and-drop operation.

Users are also able to translate multiple documents in batches via DocuWorks Desk from their computer. This seamless integration between a user's PC desktop to the cloud facilitates direct access to the Scan Translation Service.

Additionally, Word and PowerPoint documents can now be translated via the Scan Translation Service aside from PDF and DocuWorks documents, through interfaces such as Web browsers and DocuWorks Desk.

All translated documents can be received in the same file format, allowing users to make edits directly. This helps to boost efficiency by making more precise translations.      

Overall, Fuji Xerox's Scan Translation Service facilitates global communications and drives productivity by providing instant-on-demand translation services in multiple languages.


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