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Freemium Field Test: Monsters Ate My Metropolis can eat up your cash in a hurry

Andrew Hayward | Aug. 26, 2015
Adult Swim's silly series takes a new approach—but does the freemium design bite?

Metropolis also has an energy system, with 20 points pulled from your bar (which tops out at 100) with each match. The tally slowly ticks upwards over time, and when your monster levels up—through experience earned in battles, automated fights against your city, or by “feeding” your creature unneeded cards—the meter resets again. Otherwise, you’ll have to shell out a whopping 500 diamonds ($5) to keep playing without waiting, or bother a Facebook friend to get another match worth of energy. 

The verdict 

Monsters Ate My Metropolis is amusing and energetic, although the card battling is so streamlined that it lacks enough of a tactical hook. Aside from different cards and more powerful opponents, I felt like I’d seen the game’s entire playbook within a few matches, and that’s not much incentive to keep playing for long—especially without active multiplayer battles or turn-based asynchronous play. 

Still, the colorful aesthetic does keep things endearing for a while. And you’re not so much paying to win here as much as paying to avoid monotony: The main appeal of spending money is to escape the repetition of using the same deck against the same-level opponents. But given the simplistic combat, I’m not sure it’s worth the amount of cash needed to leap into upper echelon of competition.


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