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Five essential tech lessons I learned from 'Iron Man 3'

Jason Snell | May 9, 2013
Marvel's latest superhero opus, Iron Man 3, opened in the U.S. this past weekend. I liked it, and thought its first 90 minutes were better than its climax, but because this is a tech site, I'll keep my movie criticism to a minimum. Instead, here's a list of some of the most interesting technology takeaways that I gleaned from my glimpse into Tony Stark's high-tech playground. (Warning: There are some spoilers ahead, but I've avoided the biggest ones.)

It's about the people, not the tech

If there's one overriding theme of Iron Man 3, it is--somewhat surprisingly--that people are defined by who they are, not by the technology they use. For most of the film, Tony Stark is outside of his armor, surviving by his wits. He uses his intelligence to get out of numerous scrapes with super-powered, lava-hot Extremis baddies. Tony's even out of his armor for much of the film's final battle scene on an oil tanker.

In the end, Tony Stark is a hero because of who he is, not the armor he wears. That's the final note of the film, in fact: He declares that even after he's divested himself of most of his former Iron Man equipment and technology, he's still Iron Man.

It's a lesson every lover of tech should remember. No matter what equipment we add, no matter how tied in to the Web and the social media sphere we are, in the end it's the people inside those shells of technology who really matter.


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