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Far Cry 4 review: The most thrilling deja vu experience you'll ever play

Hayden Dingman | Nov. 24, 2014
"An eagle!" my soldier yells. "Look out! Help me!" My men, who I've seen stand fast in the face of overwhelming machine gun fire, are scattering because of a dive-bombing bird. The eagle circles overhead, taunting me before swooping down and raking its claws across my arm.

It helps that Ubisoft's Nepal is gorgeous, with sparse grassland and autumnal landscapes stuck in the shadow of the massive snow-capped Himalayas. You don't go up to those Himalayas often, but doing so is fodder for some amazing Shooter fan fiction.

I don't think I want Far Cry 5 without some major changes, though. I don't want another thirty hours of this, but in another realistic place with another charismatically crazy dictator. I loved Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in part because it was the same Far Cry mechanics in an inventive location — hell, if Blood Dragon 2 existed, I'd take it in a heartbeat over Far Cry 4.

Bottom line

Far Cry 4 is fantastic, if familiar. It's the warm embrace of a game you've already played, back to bring you more. If you enjoyed Far Cry 3, you'll have fun with this. If you're one of the Far Cry 2 faithful that considers the sanitized, simplified thrill ride of Far Cry 3 blasphemous, this isn't going to bring you back into the fold. It's that simple.


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