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Exclusive: AMD's amazingly tiny and powerful Project Quantum dissected!

Gordon Mah Ung | Aug. 26, 2015
We tear down this little, liquid-cooled, two-story PC to find out what makes it tick.

The answer: VR. 

With VR positioned as a hot tech buzzword with billions at stake, AMD could potentially sell Project Quantum machines packaged up with the VR headset of choice. It could be a turnkey product for Hollywood, universities, and corporations. Project Quantum rigs could run small demo kiosks or even be used to build small VR “theaters."

At least, that’s what I can conclude. Such a use wouldn’t offend its PC partners as much,and it's a context where such a small, cool and powerful box would actually be called for. 

Of course, I could be completely wrong. Maybe, just maybe, AMD wanted to spend tens of thousands of dollars and months of work to make a dozen Project Quantum rigs just because it’s friggin’ cool.

Project Quantum is incredibly cool, but what will it be used for?  Credit: Gordon Mah Ung


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