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Everquest Next Landmark's Admin Mode is the best sandbox you'll never play in

Hayden Dingman | Feb. 6, 2014
"Do me a favor and type '/loc' into the console, will you?" the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) developer asks me. I oblige. The readout is a set of coordinates corresponding to my character's current position on the enormous Everquest Next Landmark continent.

Fingers crossed
For now, I can only hope SOE allows me to at least mimic some of the aspects of Admin Mode further down the line.

I talked to Director of Development Dave Georgeson about the potential for a "Creative Mode," wherein you'd at least have an infinite complement of resources to choose from without needing to explore and harvest anything. He said the team was looking into potentially allowing such a mode on private servers, though that would come in a far distant future — if ever. And only if players actually wanted it. I hope they do.

Landmark is a great game, and one I expect to sink many hours into especially as we get closer to the real release. It's a powerful toolset that empowers players to build most anything they'd like, and SOE's open-ended development approach should allow for the game to evolve in some interesting ways as the team receives player feedback. I cannot stress enough: Everquest Next Landmark is fantastic. Even as someone who didn't love Minecraft, I'm really having fun with Landmark.

But Landmark Admin Mode is one of the absolute best sandbox games I've ever played — right up there with the everything-explodes-and-I-don't-care-because-I-just-attached-this-airplane-to-the-ground-with-my-grappling-hook mayhem of Just Cause 2's multiplayer.

I miss it already.


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