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EVE Online's new updates make game more accessible, customizable than ever before

Hayden Dingman | March 23, 2015
EVE Online is a game predicated upon giving players power. It's a massive, universe-sized sandbox that's spent twelve years building a reputation off the backs of its players--either the most dedicated or most insane in the world, depending on your viewpoint.

But the biggest block to new EVE  players has long been the tutorial. It's massive. It's wordy. It's overcomplicated.

In February CCP began rolling out a new "Opportunities" tutorial system, and Nordgren gave me some stats: It replaces 78 niche steps (6,500 words of tutorial text) with seven broad "opportunities" at only 1,000 words total. These opportunities should help you learn to play EVE while also giving players more freedom — like, "Go try out mining" instead of walking you step-by-step through mining a specific asteroid.

"Because the game is a lot about taking your own initiative, starting people off in that mindset is I think a better way to get people introduced to the game than telling people what to do," said Nordgren. "We give you a little bit of advice and off you go. It turns out that people can absolutely figure this stuff out."

"You're not dumb for not figuring out what all the stuff is on the market. Figuring that out is the game."

It's a lot of big, sweeping changes to parts of EVE Online that honestly seemed like they'd never change — and definitely not improve. I was intrigued enough to think momentarily, "Maybe I'll try learning EVE again." And then I thought, "Probably not. But...maybe."

That's a lot closer to jumping into EVE than I've been in a long time.

[Disclosure: My roommate works with LewisPR as part of an external PR team that coordinates with CCP.]


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