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EVE Online quintuples releases to 10 per year, announces Kronos expansion

Hayden Dingman | May 5, 2014
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND--For years now, EVE Online has received two expansions per year--twenty expansions in total, so far. All have been large expansions, and all for free no less. Everything from wormholes to time dilation to new ships have been added, and core game systems have been worked over and polished innumerable times by game maker CCP.

And then there are the lower-level changes. "[Building] used to be a fairly static environment. Once you figured out what to build, very few decisions after that point," said Nordgren. Now? " You have to continually make decisions." Not minute-to-minute, necessarily, but over the course of weeks or months you'll have to check in on what you're building.

The economics of industry will also get more complicated with Kronos. "The costs of labor will now increase in busy systems. It's hard to get both workers and supplies and so on," says Nordgren. "If you want to get an edge, you move out to quieter parts of the universe." There are also dozens of streamlining changes for EVE veterans; there's no remote blueprints, for one thing.

There are also the typical expansion tweaks — some new ships, some rebalancing, and more customization.

Those aren't huge changes by any means, but as Nordgren said, "We're laying groundwork that is exciting in itself, but we're really building towards the future." You know — the type of complex, player-oriented, depth-focused groundwork that has made EVE last over a decade already. Here's to another ten years.


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