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E3 2014: What to expect from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA and Ubisoft

Chris Martin | June 5, 2014
E3 2014 is just days away so wee take a look at what will be announced by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA and Ubisoft.

Other titles which will be shown off at E3 2014 by Ubisoft include the open-world action-RPG The Division, action-driving game The Crew and Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Ubisoft has also promised 'special guests' for its press conference.

It's bad news for Nintendo fans, though, as Slashgear reports that Ubisoft will not be announcing any games for the Wii U or 3DS.

Sony: 9 June, 6pm PDT

Sony's will be the last press conference of the ones scheduled for Monday at E3 2014. Sony seems to have some big plans for E3 since the firm is streaming the event live to 40 movie theatres in the US.

In an interview with GotGame, Sony's head of hardware marketing, John Koller, said: "It's going to be a massive content year. We've talked publically that there's a huge and significant amount of games coming this year to the PlayStation 4. We'll be showing a lot of those and it is going to be an exciting moment for many people. I can officially confirm that what is coming next is really spectacular. The types of games that are coming are absolutely fantastic. We've already talked about some of these already, but games like Destiny, which is the game from Bungie that is really going to be a show piece as to what makes the PlayStation 4 so special."

"There's a lot of innovation. That's something that we really want to push. The PlayStation 4 is really the strong innovation engine for this category and this industry. There's certainly a lot to talk about there. So E3 is going to be fun this year. This is going to be one of those, you know, years where we're going to have a fun time showing new games to the world." added Koller.

Koller also said that fans should tune into E3 for details on Uncharted 4 for PS4 and there's also the possibility of Project Beast.

We expect Sony to talk about its services too including PlayStation Now and although there are rumours around a PS4 Slim this is a little more on the unlikely side of things. In terms of hardware, Sony is more likely to talk about its virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus (above).

Nintendo: 10 June, 9am PDT

Opting for a lower key style, Nintendo's E3 'Digital Event' takes place the follow day from its rivals. However, it will be no less interesting with the release of Mario Kart 8 boosting Wii U sales we all want to know what the Japanese firm's next move is.

It highly unlikely that we'll see any new hardware from Nintendo so all eyes and ears will be on the games which will be announced. Expect details on Super Smash Bros Wii U, Sonic Boom, Bayonetta 2 and the next instalment of Legend of Zelda.


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