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Doom review: Glorious guns, gibs, and more guns

Hayden Dingman | May 17, 2016
So gloriously violent your own eyes might start bleeding before it's over.


Ugh, whatever. It's there if you want to play it, but it's nowhere near as good as the single-player game. Like every other game in the series, you shouldn't buy Doom solely for its multiplayer. 

Bottom line

It may not be as influential or creative as either the original Doom or Doom 3which, although it hasn’t aged well, ushered in a dozen monster-closet copycats. Still, Doom in 2016 is successful because it knows it’s dumb and leans into the fact. There are no pretensions towards artistry here, no delusions of grandeur. It’s a popcorn flick where the main character can only speak in gunshots.

Go to Mars, kill demons, don’t think too hard. Have fun.


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