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Digital Track implements wireless solution for Hetero Drugs

Aritra Sarkhel | May 23, 2013
As the vice president of sales of Digital Track Solutions, Venkat wanted to close a deal to implement a wireless solution for an existing client. The challenge was that a competitor—126,500,000,000 times the size of Digital Track Solutions—wanted it too.

Bakre, however, wasn't budging. And in the meanwhile, his team's quest for a technology provider marched on relentlessly, pushing Venkat further from his goal with each passing day. Hetero's IT team had expanded the search to include Aircel, Airtel, and Reliance. They were also vetting other solution providers in Hyderabad. "Digital Track is not the only SI we work with," says Bakre. "It's always good to evaluate various options."

Ranged against such intense competition, Venkat decided to play to his strengths: He would let the solution speak for itself. He knew that the Ruckus Wireless solution would meet Hetero's needs and give its users the great throughput they were looking for and decided to ask Bakre to allow him to do a proof-of-concept (POC). It was a smart move because he knew that the project would mean a significant investment for Hetero, a fact that would make them lean towards using a proven brand name, instead of an unknown player like Digital Track. It's a de-risking strategy many enterprises use, one that's summed up nicely with the saying "no one ever got fired for buying IBM."

Bakre agreed and gave Venkat and his team a month to show him results. The POC would need to link three branch office in a 10 kilometer radius of Hetero's headquarters. Venkat had a foot in the door, but delivering the POC would be a challenge.

In the End Zone
Until now, Venkat's battle was getting Bakre to see Digital Track as a real candidate for the implementation. With that challenge behind him, Venkat began to focus on putting together a solution that met Hetero's expectations. There was only one problem: Digital Track had never actually done a project like this before. "There was a fear that we wouldn't be able to pull off a project like this," says Venkat. The project would require setting up outdoor wireless access points between two Hetero branches and checking for line of site, among other challenges.

But with no way but forward, Digital Track's team put their shoulder to the boulder. They quickly reached out to Ruckus Wireless' R&D team. Venkat says Ruckus Wireless' team collaborated with Digital Track and helped them understand how to implement a point-to-point wireless solution between three different locations. The joint collaboration, says Venkat, helped demystify the technology behind the solution.

Thanks to Ruckus Wireless' help and Digital Track's teamwork, the POC was ready in a month. The results, says Bakre, left Hetero's IT team ecstatic. Compared to the 2MBps throughput the company was getting from the line provided by BSNL, Hetero was now getting 90 MBps with Ruckus' end-to-end wireless solution. "We were elated at the difference in the results and the kind of seamless connectivity provided by the Ruckus Wireless solution," says Bakre. In the meanwhile, Bakre's team had been unable to find any other player who could move as fast as Digital Track.


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