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“Digital 6th Sense”, “Context” among developments trends

Ike Suarez | Jan. 27, 2014
This is according to Qualcomm’s Nick Yu and Intel Labs’ Lana Nachman among convention’s speakers

Consumers want "digital 6th sense" in the era of pervasive computing, according to Qualcomm senior vice president Nick Yu.

On the other hand, Intel Corp. seeks to fundamentally transform the relationship between humans and computers with "context", according to Intel Labs principal engineer, Lana Nachman.

The two senior executives were among the presenters at the recently-concluded Semicconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)  Industry Strategy Symposium held recently in Half Moon Bay, California.

The three-day executive conference tackled the strategic outlook for the global microelectronics industry now that the world has entered the pervasive computing era.

Human Ability Augmentation

Qualcomm's Yu defined "digital 6th sense" as the augmentation of human ability.

He added that the smartphone experience is now becoming the expectation in other device categories.

Picking up on these insights, Intel's Nachman said the envisioned transformation in the relationship between computers and humans extends into communication, introspection, meetings, and many other human activities.

Some platform implications for "context" would be "always-on "sensing, low power sensors and I/O, effective workload partitioning and security and privacy, according to Nachman.

SEMI is the global industry association of players in nano and microelectronics with its head office in San Jose, California.



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