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Destiny release date, gameplay features & screenshots: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Ashleigh Allsopp | July 18, 2014
When is Destiny coming out? We bring you everything you need to know about the upcoming game, including how to get access to the Destiny beta

Ghost Edition is available for Xbox One or PS4 for £149.99. Watch the video below to see a closer look at what you'll get from the Destiny Ghost Edition.

Destiny gameplay features

Destiny is made by Bungie, the creators of the popular Halo series, and is published by Call of Duty's Activition. It was first announced by Bungie in November 2012 after details of the game including concept art and plot details were leaked. It's thought that the first reference for the game was actually hidden within Halo 3: ODST in 2009, though, which actually features a sign that reads "Destiny Awaits."

It's thought that Destiny is the most expensive video game every made, with a budget that could be as high as $500 million (almost £300 million), so that should give you some idea of how awesome this game could be.

Destiny is an online multi-player first-person shooter like both Call of Duty and Halo, and is set 700 years into the future in a post-apocalyptic solar system that Earth's inhabitants had once colonised within. Players take control of a powerful Guardian of the last city left on Earth, and will explore the ruins of our solar system's familiar planets to defeat Earth's enemies.

"The next evolution of the first-person action genre that provides an unprecedented combination of storytelling, cooperative, competitive and public gameplay, and personal activities that are all seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent online world," reads the Destiny website. "Venture out alone or join up with friends. The choice is yours."

There are various game modes to choose from. In Crucible mode, you'll compete against other players, while in Explore mode you can revisit worlds you've discovered to collect resources to help you improve your weapons and gear.

Strike mode sees players co-operate with one another to confront common enemies, Tower mode lets players socialise with other players in a third-person social space, and Story mode lets players journey through the cinematic story at the centre of the game.


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