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Crookz brings 70s groove to the heist game genre

Hayden Dingman | Nov. 24, 2014
There's something so satisfying about a well-executed heist. I don't know whether it's the idea of outsmarting an entire legion of people, or the idea of living on a beach on the fictional island of Kokomo for the rest of my life, but there's something about that primal urge that makes me want to bust out a set of lockpicks and tune up my safecracking ear.

Having the game active-pause makes this more a strategy game than an action game, though, and that's perfect for me. To me, the planning aspects of Rainbow Six or similar games were always more fun than executing, and in Crookz the planning phase is most of the game.

And it's necessary, too. We saw two levels in our demo, and while the first was a small home with two guards, the second's massive shipping dock (with an equally-massive guard contingent) was intimidating enough I can't even imagine playing it in real-time. Cameras, guards, lasers — they're all just waiting for you to slip up.

If it all sounds a bit cloyingly serious, I was specifically told to expect something more wacky. James Bond was thrown around quite a bit as an inspiration. Well, a silly James Bond, maybe. After all, this is a game that got That Porn Dude Ron Jeremy to help with the announcement trailer — that's more indicative of the story than the more serious heist-planning content we saw. There's even a "Robot" class that's apparently in line with the goofy retro-futurism of Star Trek or Doctor Who.

I'd like to give a shout out to the music too. It's like a mix between "Secret Agent Man" and your stereotypical 70s porn theme, and if you never thought those two could be combined then you clearly need to broaden your imagination.

There's no definite release date for Crookz yet, although it's slated for sometime in mid-2015 or thereabouts. No word whether Ron Jeremy's actually in the game, but I guess that's fine since he's already seared his face into my memory. Woe is me.


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