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Cracking the SMB market

Zafar Anjum | July 19, 2010
MIS Asia online editor Zafar Anjum discusses with Eugene Liew, country manager, home and small-medium business, Lenovo Singapore, how Lenovo is trying to crack the small and medium business (SMB) market in Singapore

The smaller SMBs may lack dedicated IT staff to set up and manage their IT needs. Lenovo provides out-of-the-box solutions to simplify their computing experience. The ThinkVantage Technologies in our Think-branded notebooks, for example, helps with everything from data recovery to simplifying a connection to the Internet, easy management of passwords, system migration and system updates. The Lenovo Security Suite which can be found in our Idea product line offers management features suitable for VSB operations of one to nine people. These include USB Port Locker, Bio Excess, VeriFace Facial Recognition, OneKey Rescue and ReadyComm.

Mobility, collaboration and security are the most important concerns of today's SMBs. How does Lenovo address these new needs?

After the recovery of the economy, SMBs new emphasis is on deriving maximum productivity out of their investments, and this translates to more interest in buying mobile PCs and leveraging technology to drive employee collaboration. We expect thats the reason why Gartner expects mobile PCs to account for 51 per cent of all PCs shipped to the Asia Pacific region by 2011.

Mobile workers undergo more varied work environments and hence require more comprehensive hardware support. For example, there is ThinkPad Protection to protect from unexpected repair costs such as accidents or spills, as well as Hard Disk Drive Retention, which lets customers keep their failed or damaged hard drives to ensure the data remains safely in their own hands.

Collaborative working within a company requires a high, consistent level of connectivity. Lenovos PCs support mobility and collaboration with features such as ThinkVantages Access Connections feature in the ThinkPad, to seamlessly connect between different wired, wi-fi and mobile broadband networks.

To facilitate collaboration within an office environment, SMBs can tap on the ReadyComm feature in the Lenovo Security Suite, found in the latest IdeaPad SMB range of PCs. ReadyComm provides an intuitive interface to link up multiple Lenovo products. This is a very quick way for a VSB/SOHO operation to set up an internal office network without the need for a switch. Users can share files, Internet connections and other devices such as printers, just by using the laptops built-in wireless capabilities.

It is worth noting that increased business collaboration would require constant access to shared resources or other hosted resources via the Internet, and this would naturally bring about increased security risks. The OneKey Rescue feature in the Lenovo Security Suite combines anti-virus and system backup capabilities to reduce the risk of data loss from increased Web activities.

At Lenovo, we incorporate product features that encourage security-conscious behaviour including the USB Port Locker, which prevents copy of data from USB ports without authorisation; Bio Excess, a feature that allows the user to quickly and conveniently encrypt and decrypt files, switch accounts and manage passwords, and Veriface Facial Recognition which is useful in preventing access from unauthorised persons, and also enables quick encryption and decryption of files. Last but not least, the OneKey Rescue feature is an easy-to-use tool to help detect and remove viruses, restore the operating system and provide system backup.


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