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Compliance an important tool to manage networks

Jack Loo | Sept. 25, 2012
SSH highlights security trends and challenges in the region

We also work with them (especially financial institutions) to help them design and implement the processes for securing and managing the authentication keys for these system accounts, to maintain compliance and to reduce the considerable security risks involved.

Ensuring accountability and auditability for privileged account access is another area that we focus on with financial enterprises, as well as service providers. Compliance mandates dictate that remote access connections of privileged administrators need to be encrypted using protocols such as SSH. However, encrypted connections are traditionally challenging for organisations to inspect, audit and control - as the encryption prevents controls such as intrusion detection or data loss prevention from inspecting the contents of the data stream.

We are introducing a new solution, CryptoAuditor, that will enable enterprises to introduce trusted audit points onto their networks that provide inspection, audit, control, and forensics capabilities for these encrypted connections.

Please tell me more about CryptoAuditor.

CryptoAuditor is a centrally managed inline hardware or virtual appliance, which has the ability to monitor, audit and control encrypted SSH, SFTP and RDP sessions without having to deploy agents to the client/server hosts, or to change the end-user experience.

The centralised management architecture enables the collection, indexing and auditing of privileged user sessions from a single point enterprise-wide. Indexing of the encrypted connection content enables content-based searches and real time alerting to provide proactive security measures.

Avoiding the need to change the user experience by adding a jump server ensures that the security solution adapts to the business processes, instead of adding complexity.

The transparent, network level deployment and inspection enables an audit solution that is truly independent of the client and server end-points, thus providing full accountability for privileged user accounts - as well as enabling data loss prevention and intrusion detection solutions to now inspect the encrypted channels.


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